General Practice & Games

For general practice, we only have two requirements to ensure safety for yourself when participating in games and performance rehersals at practice. While participating in activities at practice, members must wear:

  • Closed toed Shoes
  • Protective gloves such as:
    • Armored airsoft gloves
    • Mechanix Wear gloves
    • Other gloves that are readily available that provide protective cushioning for your fingers (Home Depot and Lowes have work gloves we can recommend)

Other than that most of our members just wear clothing appropriate to the weather, while others wear their actual costumes so that they can feel comfortable moving in them and work out any issues.

Performance Standards

For those members interested in participating in our scripted performances Syndicate Saber United has a wide variety of shows which demand an equally wide variety of costumes. For our general performances we try to adhere to a high standard of quality to ensure the best experience for our audience. This overlaps sometimes with costume requirements from our LFL standards for our force sensitive characters. However, we also have a variety of other characters make appearances, from Star Wars smugglers to Captain America himself, and for those our standards vary depending on the needs of our show.

Lucasfilm Events

For those events we are invited to appear at officially from our affiliation to Lucasfilm, we strictly adhere to our LFL Costuming Standards documentation, and all costumes are required to pass a review by our LFL Costume approval board. Our goal is to ensure that our members can immerse the audience more, while also allowing them the freedom and creativity to craft truly unique costumes that not only look outstanding, but also stand up to the demands of choreographed fights which often make up a mainstay of these appearances.