Syndicate Saber United Privacy Policy

This policy last updated 06/23/2018

By using this website you agree that you understand this Privacy Policy and its future updates and agree to its terms while on Syndicates Saber website and forum. If you do not agree to this policy, do not use this site.

Syndicate Saber uses a secure SSL connection for https encryption for our entire domain. This ensures that any information shared is properly encrypted during transmission from you local browser to our server hosts.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?

Website Visitors

Syndicate Saber United’s Web Team uses Google Analytics to better understand where our users come from and how they use our site. This information may be shared with the Leadership Council of the group, though in practice this is a rare occurrence. The information collected by this service includes but is not limited to:

  • Browser information
  • Operating System information
  • How you entered our website
  • How you used out site, such as which pages you visited
  • Date & Time of your visit
  • Geographic data of which country your ISP reports you visiting from

Registered Forum users

Registered forum users are required to share their email address and are asked to share at least their first name and first initial of their surname. Further information is optional required, including but not limited to your gender, date of birth, and personal messaging addresses.

  • Your email address is used to login to your forum account. If there is a need to contact you, your email address will also be used if the web team have no others means of contact.
  • Real name information is used to verify your identity against our current roster of members.
  • Other information is optional not required. This information is visible to all members of the forum in your profile, and is not used by Syndicate Saber in any way.

Syndicate Saber Members

At this time, Syndicate saber members are not required to provide any further information than a registered forum user.


“Contact Us” page form

The form on the Contact Us page on the Syndicate Saber United website provides a means to directly contact the Leadership Council of the group to make general inquiries for membership purposes, media purposes, to request a performance, or for any general purpose for which a visitor to our website needs to contact the group. This form requires the following fields so that the leadership make receive this in the form of an email at and respond appropriately.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • A subject and message body


Syndicate Saber United does not use advertising on our website except for linking to products and companies that provide recommended equipment for our group, or are relevant to the groups interest. Syndicate Saber does not receive any money from sharing such information. Registered members on our site and forums are encouraged to share information about relevant equipment or products to Syndicate Sabers community, but are prohibited from blatant advertising or spam.

If you feel like your privacy has been compromised by this site or its membership

If you believe that this site or its membership has compromised your privacy, please immediately email Syndicate Saber United at The Web Team will receive this message and work with you to remediate this issue. Please include any relevant information about the possible breach, including information such as:

  • Your username & Real name
  • Date of the suspected incident
  • Details about the incident such as who exposed the information, and/or what information was exposed