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New Game: King of the Cones

King of the Cones

Teams: 2 teams of 4-8 players.

Equipment: 8 x Red Cones, 2x Yellow Cones, 1x Green Cone

Setup: Place the cones in concentric circles in the center of the play area. The green cone is in the center, the two yellow cones to either side of it, and the red cones in a ring around the yellow cones. Teams divide themselves as evenly as possible between opposite corners.

Play: Players attempt to fetch cones from the center "pile" and return them to either of their starting corners. Cones may also be stolen from the corners. Players with cones may fight.

Respawns are 10 seconds, returning to play at either of the team's corners.

Rounds are 3 minutes each, with rest breaks as needed between rounds. After each round, the score is tallied as follows:
Green Cone = 5 pts
Yellow Cones = 3 pts
Red Cones = 8 pts
(There are 19 points available each round)

After 3 rounds, the team with the most points is the victor.

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