Master Of The Seven Styles

Exhibition Style Performance.

Syndicate Saber United proudly presents spectacular and action-packed lightsaber duels, martial kata, spinning routines, and more. Be prepared to be wowed by this visual extravaganza demonstrating each of the seven styles!

Path Of The Three Sages

Kid-Friendly Interactive Play.

A trio of Jedi Knights embark on a quest to help a group of Younglings learn their first Lightsaber techniques from three powerful sages. But the nefarious Darth Dracul and his apprentice has other plans. Join us for this action packed interactive show, where volunteers will take saber in hand, and learn how to wield them like a Jedi.

Summit On Dathomir

Kid-Friendly Interactive Play.

Enjoy an interactive Star Wars story for old and new fans alike! In the waning days of the Clone Wars, a group of Jedi venture to the forbidden planet Dathomir. There, they will encounter ravenous rancor, the nefarious Nightsisters, a mysterious stranger with wisdom of the Force, and more! Will our Jedi survive this mission?


The Coruscant Players: Quest For The Holocrons

Kid-Friendly Interactive Play.

Join our one-of-a-kind Jedi Troupe as they present their newest story, a play within a play: Jedi and Sith seek out lost holocrons containing ancient wisdom. In this interactive show, join us to help the Jedi and the Sith on their quests. Journey across the galaxy to visit far away planets, meet the strange beings that inhabit them and gain the knowledge from the holocrons!

The Jedi Trials

Kid-Friendly Interactive Play.

Jedi Padawan Ryton is ready to become a knight, the only step left is going before the council to take his final tests. Watch and help as he completes tests with his saber, use of the Force, and the whatever else the masters have to throw at him. Join us in this family-friendly, hour long interactive extravaganza! Will he pass and become the next knight in the Jedi Order?

An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age

Teen Oriented Interactive Demo.

An interactive workshop on lightsaber choreography featuring fast-paced instruction on composition, spinning, flourishing, and how to deliver a dramatic finish. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn how to fight like a daring Jedi, or a dastardly Sith from dedicated expert practitioners. Watch as we present and break down how fights are created and practice these strategies yourself!